In memory of Melinda Younan

By Business Studies Class of 2019

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Together we will keep their star shining bright

Hello all,

Recently the community of Saint Ignatius College, Riverview has lost one of its most beloved teachers Mrs Younan to leukaemia.

The boys in her Business Studies class of 2019 were devastated by this news, with Mrs Younan being such a dominant presence throughout our final year of school. Mrs Younan was special individual who’s light-hearted and caring personality was able to transcend the formal structure of teacher - student relationships, forming a deep and meaningful connection with every boy that she taught. 

For a woman who had encountered so much darkness throughout her life she was always able to radiate positivity and hope.

As a class we all agree that what this situation clearly demonstrates is how this disease indiscriminately affects everyone, including those who least deserve it, for which there is no better example than Mrs Younan

For this reason, on the suggestion of her loved ones, we have started this page in her memory. It would mean so much to the class and the family if you could contribute whatever amount you could to help find a cure for this devastating disease.  


The Bo’s Boys

Thank you for your kind support


Phillip Cannan

Mel was the love of my life. We only had 7 years 7 months together. She did so much for so many. The work she put in at home was annoying to me but to see her legacy it was all worth while. Thank you class


The Riverview Boys At Anu


Lachlan Clark

Mrs Younan was an inspiration to us all. Her consistent compassion, kindness patience and care for students has left a resounding legacy. She had a great impact on me as a student and many others. I hope this little bit helps fulfil the wonderful memory of Mrs Younan.



An amazing woman who inspired many


Tom Benson

I Feel extremely blessed to have known and been taught by Ms Younan. Melinda was such an amazing teacher and mentor to all, always going above and beyond to ensure her students could reach there potential and be proud of their results. Thank you for all the guidance, nurturing and memories created throughout our final years at Riverview, we will all miss you dearly ❤️


Flynn Zwinkels


Sam Johnson

Couldn’t have wished for a better teacher in our final year! She didn’t just teach but she went the extra mile of being more of a role model for us. Some of the best memories were made in that class and she was always a source of calm amongst the stress of the HSC. As a tutor for high school students I still find myself bragging about how lucky we were to have Ms Younan teach us.


Sean O



One of the best teachers and mentors Riverview had - second to no one. Made an impact on a lot of students for the better. One of the best teachers I have ever had.


Luke Tyler


Business Studies Class Of 2019